Home Search and SMS

Using big data for better search.

Product Designer

Vast.com is a leader in big data for home and autos. Our current search platform is a bare-bones search experience, providing essential MLS information and very little insight. Our design team decided it was time to leverage our proprietary big data services to provide a better search experience. On top of a revamped Search Results page, we also proposed SMS enrollments and Visual Search to truly bring the home buying process into the future.


Why SMS?
The average person looks at their phone more than 150 times per day. 97% of mobile phone users use text messaging, and 98% of all text messages are open and read in under 2 minutes. Many banks already offer a text to bank solution, making integration with HomeStory a quick and easy solution. Instead of lengthy and time-consuming online forms, a consumer can text quick information via SMS at their convenience. Once enrolled they’ll be sent homes via HomeBot – home search comes to them. In popular markets, like Austin for instance, being the first to know when a house is available can mean the difference between home ownership and a missed opportunity.