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“Destruction” Photo Illustration Series

Artist Statement

For me, the image always comes first. Though the final output may have elements of a larger social or contextual theme, the images are born out of simplicity – like a dream.

Fueled by my dreams, I create images that are slightly different from our reality. For this series I combined my love for Romantic painting with elements of the surreal. The reality I create within these images is not that different from ours – it seems more like an extension of this one, where parts of the whole look slightly out of place. My intention is not to provide some larger meaning or to even comment on the state of our world, but to simply create a feeling of wonder or offer some sort of visual escape and small narrative.

To create these elaborate scenes I start with one image, usually the foreground, and combine elements from other photos with the image. I make sure delve really far into each scene to pay attention to every detail. Some final images have three photos and others have as many as six in order to fully create the scene.

Through the evolution of this series the photos transformed into scenes depicting the beautiful elegance of our world and the quiet destruction of our society. Despite how obvious this theme seems to fit this body of work, each image was created separately with the most important goal being to create a beautiful photo.